Christian Youth Lessons: Finding Inspiration & Ideas for Youth Groups

christian youth lessons

Working with a youth group can be challenging in many ways. One of those ways is coming up with fresh ideas for Christian youth lessons. The good news is that there are many topics that are important to youth that can be turned into valuable Christian youth lessons.

Christian Youth Lessons: Ideas

Ideas for Christian youth lessons can be found everywhere: on TV, in music and even just listening to your own kids chatting. Here are some tips for finding inspiration for lessons.

  • Be Mindful: Be on the lookout for material that you can use in your classes. For example, if you’re at the mall you might overhear a conversation that would make the foundation for a lesson. The key is to consciously be on the lookout or else you might miss something.
  • Church Services: As you listen to your pastor preach, think about whether his message could be turned into something appropriate for youth group.
  • Network: Network with other youth workers from other churches. This will allow you to get fresh ideas from each other.
  • Read: Many books about developing Christian youth lessons are available. Sure, some are much better than others, but many will offer great ideas.

Christian Youth Lessons: Sample Topics

A common mistake is the thinking that every single Christian youth lesson must be about a specific scripture. While there should certainly be a tie-in to Christianity, one of the ways to help youth develop a love for God and the church is to address issues that are important to them in their everyday lives. Below are some examples.

  • Dating
  • Dealing with bullies
  • Getting along with parents
  • Time management (remember, some youth have lots of homework, chores, jobs etc…)
  • Cliques
  • Drugs/alcohol

Every one of those topics can be discussed in a Christian context while still giving the youth something concrete to take away from the lesson that will help them.

Don’t be afraid to talk about difficult issues, but be sure that the pastor of the church and the parents are on board. For example, before discussing sex and dating, give parents and outline of the lesson plan so they can decide whether or not they wanted their child to participate.

Christian Youth Lessons: Keeping Their Attention

Another challenge is keeping the attention of the class as you teach Christian youth lessons. Here are some tips.

  • Discussions: Rather than lecturing, make a good portion of the lesson a group discussion. This will allow the class to ask question and offer their own ideas.
  • Helpers: If you choose a different helper each week, this can help to keep everyone’s attention. This works particularly well with younger students.
  • Tie-Ins: Try to come up with fun tie-ins to make the lesson fun. For example, if you teach about sin and temptation, you could follow the lesson with a cake decorating contest where the kids decorate a snake shaped cake since the snake caused Eve to sin.

Developing Christian youth lessons is a lot easier if you know where to look for inspiration. Keep your eyes and ears open, and it will much easier to be inspired.

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