Spiritual Birthday Wishes: Thoughtful Gift and Card Ideas

spiritual birthday wishes

Birthdays are a time to send well-wishes and gifts to the person who has just turned a year older. If the birthday man or woman is particularly religious, then you may want to choose spiritual birthday wishes as a way to provide a meaningful way to say “happy birthday”.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes: Cards

A birthday card is one the simplest ways to wish someone a happy birthday. Along with typical birthday cards are spiritual birthday card options. If you look in the right places, you will find cards that are suitable for most religions. So, what makes a card suitable for spiritual birthday wishes?

  • Scripture or Other Religious Text: When a card includes a reference to a scripture or a portion of some other religious text, it gives the card a deeper meaning to the recipient.
  • Spiritual Message: Some cards include a spiritual message without actually quoting a religious text. The message could be something as simple as a reminder to count your blessings or to seek the good in all things (even getting older!).
  • Spiritual/Religious Art: Some cards offering spiritual birthday wishes are very easy to spot because they feature lovely art on the front. Of course, the picture will be different for each religion, but the idea is still the same.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes: Gift Ideas

If you want to find gift ideas that are appropriate for spiritual birthday wishes, you may have to start your search by finding a store that caters to the religion of the recipient. Some gift ideas are below.

  • Books, such as religious texts, commentaries or histories
  • Spiritual movie DVDs or music CDs
  • Jewelry that highlights an important aspect of the religion
  • Items that can be used by the recipient as they practice their religion. This could be, for example, a meditative aid or instruments used in various religious rituals.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes: Where to Shop

Finding some types of spiritual gifts and cards is easy. Finding others will take a bit more work. A great place to start your shopping for any type of spiritual birthday wishes is online. Online retailers that cater to just about every religion under the sun can be found here.

You will find spiritual online stores that cater to a variety of religions as well as those are specific to one religion.

Brick and mortar stores are certainly an option, but you will not find the selection that you will find online.

Spiritual birthday wishes are a thoughtful way to show the recipient that not only do you wish them a happy birthday but that you understand how important their spiritual life is to them as well. This touching gesture is sure to be memorable and will help to make their birthday extra special.

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