YouTube Meditation Videos: No-Cost Way to Build a Meditation Library

YouTube meditation videos

Learn how YouTube meditation videos can provide you with thousands of meditation options that would cost a fortune to assemble any other way.

What Are YouTube Meditation Videos

The popular Web site called YouTube is packed with all manner of videos. You can find funny cat videos, how-to videos, music videos and even YouTube Meditation videos. These are videos that have been created to help you ease into a state of relaxation and meditation. Some feature sounds from nature, such as the ocean or the falling rain. Others play soft music while a speaker helps to guide you through your meditation.

Finding YouTube Meditation Videos

Finding YouTube meditation video is as simple as visiting the site and doing a simple search. Just go to and then type “meditation” or “meditation music” into the search box.

You will notice that just by typing “meditation”, you will be presented with several options, such as meditation techniques, Buddhist meditation and meditation music. Clicking on any of the options will yield dozens of videos to choose from.

Once you select one, you will be automatically directed to several other similar videos, allowing you to find many videos that fit your original search criteria.

Benefits of YouTube Meditation Videos 

While you certainly do not need a video in order to practice meditation, YouTube meditation videos are beneficial for a number of reasons.

  • Help you to Focus: When you use a meditation video, the soothing sounds can help you to focus on meditation rather than being distracted by every little noise around you. They can also help to take your mind off of your busy day and help you to find that quiet place within yourself.
  • Many Options: It would cost thousands of dollars to assemble a library of meditation CDs to rival what you can find on YouTube. The many options allow you to try various styles of meditation videos without having to spend a small fortune.
  • Help with Technique: If you are having trouble meditation, YouTube meditation videos can help you by offering pointers and instructions regarding technique.   

Best Ways to Use YouTube Meditation Videos 

Because they are videos, many people think that you have to “watch” them. While some of the YouTube meditation videos contain images that help to guide you through meditation, others are based on sound. Just hit play and then close your eyes and let the sounds on the video help you in your meditation.

Some people also use the You Tube meditation videos as background noise during their workday. Having the soft music or nature sounds playing in the background can help to take the edge off of a very stressful day.

YouTube meditation videos are a wonderful way to sample a variety of meditation sights and sounds as well as to get instruction about technique and other aspects of meditation.


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